Friday, September 7

more from London

Late breaking news: I've developed a new handicap. Due to excessive amounts of walking, a blister is forming on my left little toe from rubbing on the toe next to it. The resulting limpy swagger makes me feel far more pathetic than I am. Surely I'm racking up the sympathy points now.

Now for some snapshots of the last couple of days...

Proof that I am indeed in London––the obligatory red phone booth shot:

And no, I'm not sure why my photos are so small here. I had to gag and tie my inner obsessive compulsive graphic designer, so you'll just have to deal with it, too.

Wheelchair fencing from our day trip to the Excell Complex:

At a sitting volleyball game between Brazil and Slovenia:

And today I spent the early afternoon watching wheelchair rugby on a television screen next to the Cutty Sark on the bank of the Thames in Greenwich...convenient because Dad wanted to visit the Maritime Museum, and I did not.

Now, while I soak my feet in bath salts (I wish), please visit for further reading (about Paralympic sport, obviously) and results (if you're into that sort of thing).


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  1. Poor tootsie! Wish I could put some bath salts left at my house into the transporter and whisk them to London!